Friday, February 25, 2011

Day and Night

“He called them the day feeling and the night feeling.  The day feeling caught up with him before lunch most days, a hot blanket of lethargy so suffocating it made his temples pound….The day feeling was bad, no question, but the night feeling was the real killer – a bleak sledgehammer to the soul, as if some stranger had whispered a terrible secret in his ear, and that secret was how death was senseless and inevitable.”  From The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski.

How many days I've felt this way in the last year and a half.  In the beginning, it was all night feeling.  Now it is mostly day feeling with some of the night feeling thrown in.  How do you ever get over this?  The answer is -- you don't.   You learn to live with it, and that's what I'm trying to do.  Some days are more successful than others.  Today -- I'm having a particularly unsuccessful day.

Allways always,